Chris, shortly before Art Center, when he had hair.  He still has hair.

Chris, shortly before Art Center, when he had hair.

He still has hair.

When asked as a child what he'd like to be when he grew up, Christopher would always respond: "a dinosaur."

Though he hasn't quite lived up to this goal, he still enjoys living his best life– he travels, listens to his ever growing hoard of records, and he does a spot-on impression of his one-time teacher Louis Danziger.

Christopher is a graduate of the Art Center College of Design in Pasadena, California- majoring in advertising, with a minor in photography and a lack of sleep. 

Although Art Center is the extent of Christopher's college career, he had a tumor removed from his right hand which was unceremoniously sliced up and made into microscope slides to be studied at UCLA, Harvard, Yale, and Dartmouth. Christopher is thankful that the tumor hadn't become malignant, and that he doesn't have to pay for his ex-tumor's Ivy education.

His major accomplishments to date involve waking up this morning, making a ton of sweet record scores, loving the Los Angeles Dodgers more than basically everyone else, building a home tiki bar, hanging out with some pretty awesome dogs, always finishing his veggies, and writing this autobiographical blurb.

His experience thus far includes writing copy on a freelance basis, as well as full time gigs at the VIA Agency, and currently MullenLowe.

Full disclosure: Chris once ghost-wrote a love letter as a freelance gig. It worked out for them, until they broke up. It was probably the letter’s fault.

He is genuinely interested in your creative endeavors, and would like to be a part of them in nearly any capacity you can possibly conceive.