When life hands you a total solar eclipse, make a Cointreau Lemonade. Or a gif.

Wrote some stuff for this:

Cointreau is trés chic. We were asked to come up with a gif for fashion week. Sorry for how weirdly it is displaying, not quite elite enough of a hacker to get it to display at proper resolution, instead of filling the width of this website! 

Having run out of client-supplied images to use in our social post calendar, and with no budget for a proper photo-shoot, we rallied the agency team and shot a photo essay on our own about apple picking. We wanted to tell an aspirational "home mixology" story around an existing consumer behavior (Apple picking in the fall) and inserting Cointreau into it by suggesting recipes (Apple Rosemary Rickey, Cointreau Mulled Cider) that anyone could make using the hand-picked fruits of their labor. Here's a hand-picked sampling of my favorites:

Finally, we made a gif to show how to build the rickey after you return from a strenuous/luxurious/pastoral/lovely day of apple picking.