So uh, after Mullen became MullenLowe, the agency adopted an octopus as its logo, and to uh, celebrate (?!) that fact, we made an actual Christmas wreath out of actual Octopus parts. We photographed it, and sent it as the agency holiday card to vendors, friends, family and probably our enemies.

The octopus was harmed well before we made art out of it, so it wasn't harmed in the making of. I promise we're not horrible people.

Production notes: We received an angry phone call from the other tenants who shared space on the same floor as Mullen's in house studio due to the "Fisherman's Wharf" smell we caused. Sorry.

Printing notes: There's a spot UV glaze on the wreath on the front cover, so it's shiny to the touch. On the inside of the card, there's a very faint, Gloss UV ring-shaped "wet spot" that doesn't really show up in photos or on the print ready files, so you'll have to take my word for it, or so I can show you. You only live once!


We also animated it, for those folks the Agency only corresponds with digitally. They may have gotten the better end of the deal? You decide: