As a part of “The Man I Am” campaign to re-launch Schick Hydro, we created a 3-part interview series focusing on men’s health issues in a bid to reclaim “Locker Room Talk” to be about something positive instead of, well, you know.

Over 3 episodes, host Kevin Love (who had previously written about his own depression and anxiety in a player’s tribune article) interviewed Michael Phelps (he swims), Paul Pierce (NBA Hall of Fame), and Channing Frye (Kevin’s close friend and teammate) to talk about dealing with anxiety, depression, and the spotlight.

According to our PR team, the series racked up over 1 billion impressions. For me, all that really mattered was that young men from all over the country got a chance to see that these larger than life, multi-millionaire, “alpha male” sports heroes deal with some of the same anxieties and struggles as they do–and that it’s ok to open up about it.

Teaser trailer for Locker Room Talk, our 3-part interview series where we set out to reclaim “Locker Room Talk” from the crotch-grabbers, and start a more positive conversation about male masculinity.

Olympic swimming legend Michael Phelps joins Kevin Love for some “Locker Room Talk” to chat about mental health, parenting in the age of social media, and living under a microscope.
As teammates, Channing Frye and Kevin Love share a locker room. As friends, they’re no strangers to “locker room talk.” The guys chat about life, loss, and being there for each other.
Locker Room Talk concludes with Kevin inviting Paul “The Truth” Pierce to speak his truth about living with anxiety, and how to be a leader in the Locker Room.