Grilligeon - 

Praised be Mother Grill, mistress of ignition, protector of the flame, please bless this spark, and let it flourish on this day I prepare my daily grill. Give me strength to perfectly sear, expertly rotisserie, and be the medium by which I deliver rare. Let thy bidding be well done, and my WEBER be the hearth by which your love burns at a steady glow. 

Our Lady of the Grill

Art Director / Copywriter : Chris Gilbert

Photography: Jesse Narducci (portfolio: here)

It is said that on the 8th day, Mother Grill bestowed upon mankind a joyous, immaculate spark, giving light to a bed of coals beneath a monolithic canopy of latticed metal.
Aglow with a radiant light, the coals exhaled forth a nurturing heat to set ablaze the grills, so that they might finally receive their destined gifts; a bounty of swine flesh, beef steak, poultry, even creatures from the abyssal seas! O, providence!
As soon as she set the gift gently atop the pyre, an intoxicatingly sweet aroma swirled around confirming that at long last, the meat of earthly beasts was tamed.
And so it was that a perpetual cycle of worship and devotion began at the feet of Mother Grill, she who blessed us with the holy trinity of glowing coals, metal, and meat.
Today, she benevolently watches over us as we dutifully reprise this blessed alchemy of flesh to feast. We toil at her WEBER altars, as we yearn to offer her the fragrances of another successful cookout. Let there be Grill!

Room Spray for that "Just Grilled Smell!" anywhere, any time.

What happens when you need to show your devotion away from your altar? Weber brings the world Meaty Mist, a room spray fragrance concept available in three regional styles of BBQ: St. Louis' famous Baby Back Ribs (pictured), Carne Asada from the wild wild south-west, and of course, Eau de Texas, which has BBQ you don't want to mess with.


Behold, the holiest relic in all of Grilligeon: the Shroud of T-Bone